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libConfig++ is a portable and flexible C++ library for reading configuration files which were written in C style syntax.

These are the main points of this project:

  1. This project allows you to write simple but powerful configuration files and use their in you C++ projects.
  2. The sintax of configuration file is like C++, that is why it is wellknown for you.
  3. The sintax parser is written with help of lex and bison. That's why you can easy change the sintax if you want.
  4. The library is portable to any unix OS and Windows.
  5. There is easy using and safe interface to setup your program variables from config. Type control is made during compilation. This helps to avoid some invisible errors in sources.
  6. You can define your own types and the library will control this when you setup variables from config file.
  7. The library allows using multifile configuration. Token "#include" allows to include one config file into other.