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The configuration example.

// This is comment example
//You _need_ to quota any values 
a="3"; c="d";

//You can use any spaces in assign operation
x = "y";

//You can use boolean type. And you can add any OWN type for config.
// See SetupBaseType_yesno class definition in Config.h
xxx = "no";

//Double quotas MUST BE slashed.
str1 = "Test double quota in value \"sss\" "; 

//each subsection MUST HAVE unique name.
//We can include part of config from another file like this.
//#include MUST BE in the begining of the line.
#include "test1.txt"
    A1xx = "yy";
    A2 { //this is comment too.
	A2a = "b";
	A2b = "c"; //this is the next comment
    A1xx1 = "yy";
#include "test1.txt"

//this subsection will have name too. 
//Library set some numeric unique name to it. 
	a25 = "QQQ	";
a2 = "z2";

//this is examples of using previouse variables
ttt = a2; //this will be the same as ttt = "z2";

//this will be the same as value of A2b from subsection A2 in section A1 
rrr = A1->A2->A2b; 

//this concats a2 value with rrr value and put result into the b
b = a2 + rrr;

//this add a1 to the b